Piecework and serial work for metal and plastics

CNC Metal can take care of all your turning, milling and welding work for both piecework and serial work

We can cut splines up to a size of 25 mm. Parts can be manufactured from technical drawings, or our employees can help customers improve certain parts in their production process.

All drawings are processed digitally and, in some cases, sent from the drawing board to the machine, reducing human intervention to a minimum. Quality control and specific technical requirements are also possible. Technical drawings are also stored on our server and machines. This gives us a time advantage and flexibility for the next production run. Even small production runs become cost-effective!


For cost-efficient series work in CNC milling, we use a robot.


CNC Metal also has a rotary vibrator (drum machine), which enables us to deburr and finish mechanically, which is cost-saving for many workpieces.

Rösler rotary vibrator

Piecework or serial work: contact CNC Metal to discuss your wishes with us and we will be happy to think along with you!