Metalworking finishing treatments

Post-treatment of your workpieces

Anodising, hard anodising, vacuum hardening, oil hardening, nitriding, nitrocarburising, Niblox, Tefok, Teflon, powder coating, induction hardening, hard anodising, tempering, chemical blackening, lacquering, wear-resistant coatings, electrolytic polishing, galvanising, nickel plating, pearl blasting, berubbing and precision grinding are treatments that we are happy to carry out for you.
A number of finishing operations are carried out in-house, while some are done in cooperation with our regular suppliers. We can therefore deliver the pieces fully finished.

Grinding and honing

Surface grinding and honing are finishing treatments used to obtain a smooth surface and ensure the accuracy of metal part sizes by removing a small amount of material to refine the finish of a workpiece


We can also overhaul engines and hydraulic cylinders.



- anodising (also in colour)
- hard anodising
- opalising

Heat treatments (steel & Inox)

- vacuum curing - oil curing
- nitriding - nicocarbonation
- Niblox - Tefok - Teflon
- powder coating - induction hardening
- hard chrome plating
- tempering

- chemical blacks - lacquer
- wear-resistant coatings
- electrolytic polishing
- galvanising - nickel plating
- bead blasting - rubberising
- precision grinding
- overhaul of motors and hydraulic cylinders

To anodise your workpieces or for any other treatment of your metal, contact us for more information!