CNC milling of metal and plastic

What is CNC milling?

Milling is a machining operation whereby material is removed with rotating tools. We process materials in metal and plastic on computer-controlled milling machines. Thanks to the experience of the operators, our machines can carry out various types of milling. We also manufacture very complex pieces to a high degree of accuracy.

Cad Cam

Depending on the complexity of the parts to be manufactured, the milling machines can be programmed via CAD/CAM.


By adding a robot to a 5-axis hypermodern milling machine, parts can be completely finished at economically attractive rates. Via an in-house design department, parts can also be drawn in 3D, which are then sent directly to the CNC-controlled lathe or milling table.

Measuring pieces

If required, we will come on-site to measure existing parts. If you provide us with the pieces, this can also be done on our premises.

Trust your CNC milling work to CNC Metal. Contact us for more information!