CNC Metal and plastic turning

What does CNC turning entail?

CNC turning is the computer-controlled processing of metals & plastics by machining. The machine tools (Mazak and Haas) use various machining techniques to quickly and accurately produce parts in stainless steel, steel, aluminium, POM, PMMA, etc. Precision, quality and speed in the execution of your turning work are our top priorities.

Innovation of our machinery combined with the intervention of our skilled team

CNC Metal has an extensive and varied range of automated lathes as well as a conventional lathe. Thanks to a specialised team of operators, this programming is done quickly and efficiently.


For cost-efficient batch work in CNC milling, we use a robot.

CNC Metal also has a rotary vibrator (drum machine), which enables us to deburr and finish mechanically, which is cost-saving for many workpieces.

Cad Cam

Our lathes work on the basis of a programme generated in a computer CAD/CAM system or with manual ISO programming.

More info

For your CNC turning needs, count on CNC Metal: contact us right away to discuss your wishes.