Machinery of CNC Metal

Fully equipped for all your mass production, piecework and customised work in CNC turning and milling

Here, you can find an overview of the various machines we have at our disposal. CNC Metall's machinery is mainly focused on complex pieces, both large and small series, as well as customised work.

CNC lathes

Mazak QTS 100 S (smart)

Max Ø 40 mm
Between the points 300 mm
12 tools
Max spindle speed 6000 t/min

Mazak QTS 250 S (smart)

Max Ø 350 mm
Between the points 1000 mm
12 tools
Max spil 4000 t/min

Mazak QTN 150 (fusion640)
Mazak QTN 150 II (matrix)
Mazak QT 150 SG (smooth C)

Max Ø 330 mm
Between the points 500 mm
8 tools
Max spindle speed 5000 t/min

Mazak QTN 450 M (matrix)

Max Ø 580
Between the points 2000 mm
12 tools
Max spindle speed 2000 t/min
Equipped with powered tools

CNC Milling Machines

Mazak VCN 410 II (matrix)

X-axis 560 mm Y-as 410 mm Z-axis 510 mm
Spindle 11 kW (12000 t/min)
30 tools

Mazak VTC 200 B (fusion)

X-axis 1120 mm Y-axis 510 mm Z-axis 510 mm
Spindle 18.5 kW (12000 t/min)
24 tools

Mazak VTC 200 B (fusion)

X-axis 2000 mm Y-axis 820 mm Z-axis 720 mm
Spindle 22 kW (12000 t/min)
30 tools

Mazak VTC 800/30 SR (matrix)

X-axis 3000 mm Y-axis 800 mm Z-axis 720 mm
B-axis range: +110° tot -110° / detachable C-as 360°
Full 5-axis
Spindle 35 kW (12000 t/min)
40 tools

Haas VF4 en Haas VF11

X-axis 3048 mm Y-axis 1016 mm Z-axis 762 mm
Spindle 22.4 kW (10000 t/min)
40 tools


Mazak INTEGREX 300-IV (matrix)

Max Ø 500
Between the points 1500 mm
Combined turning and milling
With takeover spindle
Rod feed
B-axis range: -30° to +115°
C-axis travel; 360
X-axis 630 mm Z-axis 1585 mm
Spindle 19 kW (12000 r/min)
Full 5-axis
Milling spindle with 40 tools
Turret with 6 tools


Mazak VARIAXIS 730-5 X (matrix)

Full 5-axis
X-axis 730 mm Y-axis 850 mm Z-axis 560 mm
A-axis range: +30° to -120°
C-axis travel; 360
Spindle 30 kW (10000 r/min)
40 tools

Mazak CV5-500 (smooth X)

Full-fledged 5-axis simultaneous
X axis 730 mm Y axis 450 mm Z axis 470 mm
B-axis range: -110° to +110°
C-axis travel; 360
Spindle 18.5 kW (12000 r/min)
48 tools
Loading and unloading with Robojob Mill-assist robot

Honing machine

Sunnen SV-20

X-axis 838 mm
Hone length 680 mm
Spindle 4.1 kW
Honing diameter Ø 40 - 530 mm


Thanks to extensive digitisation and automatic import and export with the aid of a robot, CNC is able to finish small production runs or recurring jobs at a high quality and very competitive prices. Depending on the complexity of the parts, a production run on the robot can be profitable from as little as 20 pieces.

If you are looking for precision work in CNC turning or milling, contact CNC Metal right away. We also have the right machines ready for your piecework, bulk work or customised work.